Listerine Smart Rinse
The Sweet Smart Challenge Results!

 So… how did we do with our Listerine Sweet Smart Challenge?

I can’t say we have the cleanest teeth in town, but we did improve! (Hey, I’ll take it.)

Once we set our minds to brushing for two minutes, it became very apparent just how lonnnnnggggg two minutes is and how we were definitely not brushing for that lonnnnnngggggg two minutes before the Challenge. So, if nothing else, that was a vast improvement. And I do want to say that the Reach flosser was a revelation–we had been flossing with those little kid flossers before and while the idea of a cute dinosaur entering your mouth worked for a while, Mommy’s hand all jammed up in my kids’ grills was starting to lose its appeal. The long handle on the Reach flosser means that not only are my children more able to floss their own teeth, but even when they can’t reach the back teeth that well, my grubby little paws were not in their germy little mouths. You know, to be perfectly honest.

The Listerine Smart Rinse went over very well with my 8 year old daughter and not as well with my 7 year old son. I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that one minute of swishing can seem interminable to an energetic little boy. But we worked on it and got him up to 45 seconds by the time of this writing. Only fifteen seconds to go, right? Only with kids can 1/4 of a minute seem like a marathon.

So overall, this was a successful venture, and by successful I mean that we upped our brushing time and became more aware of how necessary that is. I want to say again how proud I am to have been involved with the incredible organization that is America’s Toothfairy, a.k.a. The National Children’s Oral Health Foundation. America’s Toothfairy targets the most vulnerable populations and since 2006 has provided preventive, restorative and education oral health services to more than 600,000 children each year. I love that they developed the Trick or Treat for America’s Toothfairy initiative for Halloween; every $120 raised will take care of an at-risk child’s dental health for a whole year.

Disclosure: I was given Listerine products to test and compensated for my time and participation in the Sweet Smart Challenge by Listerine and The Motherhood. All opinions are 100% my own. Including the opinion that two minutes is a lonnnnngggggg time. OY.




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