Will your product make a mom Almost Fabulous?

by Shari on September 23, 2010

FUN and FUNCTIONAL reviews!!

Earth Mother just means I’m dusty is a humor parenting website and as such, I do “fun” and “functional” reviews of products and services. I will try your product and create an amusing and positive life story around it. (And as the old saying goes, if I can’t say something positive, I won’t say anything at all; I’ll just return the product to you.)

Do you think your product or service is a good fit for dusty earth mothers? Does your product or service help a mom to save time, look great, organize her insanity, get green, make her kids happy in a non-sugar-induced way and basically help make her Almost Fabulous? If so, please contact me. Be sure to include your company’s name and product/service. For more product reviews go to Comparoid.com.

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