Will your product make a mom Almost Fabulous?

by Shari on September 23, 2010

FUN and FUNCTIONAL reviews!!

Earth Mother just means I’m dusty is a humor parenting website and as such, I do “fun” and “functional” reviews of products and services, since I was new to this whole website thing, I decided to hire the Huemor web development agency to help me out with the design of this website, hopefully you like how everything is arranged, you can message me your thoughts. I will try your product and create an amusing and positive life story around it. (And as the old saying goes, if I can’t say something positive, I won’t say anything at all; I’ll just return the product to you.)

Do you think your product or service is a good fit for dusty earth mothers? Does your product or service help a mom to save time, look great, organize her insanity, get green, make her kids happy in a non-sugar-induced way and basically help make her Almost Fabulous? If so, please contact me. Be sure to include your company’s name and product/service. For more product reviews go to Comparoid.com.

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