About Dusty


Oh! You want to know more about me? Really? That’s awfully swell of you. I’m Shari and I’m a chronic Fabulous-chaser. Once I even confessed out loud that I wished I had Type A+ blood because A just wasn’t good enough. Yes, I am exhausting. And exhausted. But that might just be because I popped two babies in my 40′s and now understand why the girls in Little-House-on-the-Prairie days had kids by the time they were 15 and were fighting their right at the court to keep children with them. I write this blog for all those moms I adore, the ones who can’t give up the fight to be Fabulous and are slowly coming to terms with being Almost.


If you want to know my official credentials as a freelance writer, check out the Work With Me section of this blog. That’s the Professional Me. The Dusty Me loves God, my church, my family, Mama Rose, kissing pugs on the mouth, Twizzler Pull’n'Peels, knitting, all things caffeine, and making a horse’s arse of myself on YouTube.

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